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Learn the four best ways to create a closer connection with your customers helping you to boost your revenue and enjoy higher customer loyalty.

4 emails, over 4 weeks, 5 minutes each.

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The 4 pillars of connection

It’s undeniable that brands with closer connections with their customers can charge more for their products and services while enjoying higher customer loyalty. Great branding is all about translating powerful strategy into a captivating visual identity. This is exactly what we do.

It is one hell of an exciting journey, that we’ve taken with startups to seven-figure businesses based all over the world, and ended up being featured in industry-leading magazines and blogs. Over the years we have identified certain areas of successful brands that create an unparalleled connection with their customers. 

The 4 pillars of connection were born. 

Four emails over four weeks only five minutes to read. Endless opportunities to connect with your customers. 

What are the four pillars?


Stand out in a noisy world by crafting unique messages that cut through. What you say and how you say it has never been so important.


Gain the trust and respect of your customers so they choose you over your competition.


Own your market with a unique personality that connects with customers on a personal level


Become unforgettable by building a captivating story for your products, services and brand

Whats inside?

  • Easy to use frameworks that can be applied to any business.
  • Real-world case studies that break down the success of the biggest brands and the mightiest startups
  • A detailed explanation of how anybody at any level can apply these principles to any business.
  • One email each week for four weeks. Five minutes to read.

Frequently asked questions

These areas of building a successful brand can be applied to any business of any size. This was the focus when defining the four areas: make them as accessible as possible.

We are on a mission to build thriving brands that people love. 

The best brands in the world are motivated by purpose before profit. Our actions are a result of what we believe. We believe that every business can become a brand that people love. We hope The 4 pillars will help you.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C these areas of branding are applicable to all businesses.

Building a successful brand does take time. It’s a long game of building positive brand equity through every interaction you have with your customers. 

However, if you work to define your brand early on your business we get a head start. You will know who you are, what you’re doing, who you serve and how to connect with them.

Customer connection is central to any successful business. Without customers, any business would die. 

It’s the ability to connect with your customers that defines your success. The more they love what you do and why you do it the more they interact with your brand and the more they buy.

Start connecting with your customers today

A quick note

Customers are exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 brands a day. 

All of them attempt to achieve the same aim, to influence the customer to make a purchase. 

But with growing competition and shrinking attention spans, it’s not surprising that a lot of brands struggle to make an authentic connection with their customers. 

That’s why we put together The 4 pillars of connection. To help your brand stand out, win the hearts and minds of your customers and grow. I’d love for you to subscribe and read what we have put together. 


Tom Berry

Brand strategist & Creative director at Studio Bennu
I help your business become a thriving brand that people love