Once upon a time a bunch of over-excited designers sat down, had a coffee and decided to form a creative studio in London. 

As they wondered what they would call their new venture, a big blue bird flew through the window and landed on the table. Everyone was shocked, then the craziest thing happened.

The bird spoke! “I am Bennü, the Egyptian bird god of creation!

You must help businesses connect with customers in an original and authentic way by building brands that people know and love!”

The bird then got up and flew away… everybody looked at each other… “Right, that will be easy,” said Tom. 

This might not be exactly how it happened but…you know.  



We’ll keep this to the point.

Our mission, which we have chosen to accept (from a bird) is to help your business connect with people in an original and authentic way.

We focus on creating a story that drives your brand. A message that aligns people with your company and forms your tribe.   

We live by a Bennü code that guides us as humans and designers.

  • Be Bold
  • Be Kind
  • Be Positive

Whether you are a big fish or a small fry we want to work with ambitious companies that are excited about the future. Getting excited already? Contact us here